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PREMIER system® is a complex economic software (ERP system) specifically
designed for small and medium businesses (SMB). The range of PREMIER system®
modules covers all business agendas (economy, trade and services, HR, production,
engineering, etc.) and in combination with extension modules and specialized
solutions forms a compact structure suiting practically any industry and any type of
The system modularity allows clients to choose a variant best meeting their
requirements for an information system. Thus especially small businesses (individual
users) can find advantageous categories and packages that can serve as a basis for
future extension depending on the growth of their business. The high level of
universality and comprehensiveness predetermine that the program is applicable
in any branch of business.
By choosing the PREMIER system® software you choose reliability, high-quality
performance, immediate availability of information, and - first and foremost -
general growth of your business. The quality implementation and development
are based on the Company’s ISO 9001 certification.
- Over 10 year PREMIER system® has worked its way up to the head
of software products for small and medium sized businesses
- With its portfolio of almost 1650 clients (approx. 8-9 thousand licenses)
PREMIER system® belongs to those which rank among most widespread
software products in the Czech Republic
- Genuine Czech software closely connected to the up-to-date legislation
and supporting the latest technologies
- Quality comes through the customers’ satisfaction - references
- Extremely easy to use and well-arranged screens
- Principle of nesting and minimum number of function keys
- Control options: mouse and keyboard
- Hotkeys of the user’s choice for the most frequent tasks and modules
- Window-oriented program (more than one open window at a time)
- Exceptional graphic environment and excellent ergonomy
- Does not require a high-level user; minimum training costs
- Easy installation carries minimum implementation costs
- Easy administration of the program incl. remote administration
- Stable running does not require constant maintenance
- Branch office data on-line processing using the terminal server
Growth in clients in 1999-2005
The pillar of the PREMIER system® success is the know-how and professional
approach to needs of the large client portfolio.
From its very outset, the Company’s priority is the client-centred and individual
approach and flexible response to the client’s requests, suggestions, and changes
in its working processes. The system openness enables fast implementation of
changes, incl. automatic update over the Internet. The system offers a variety of
tools to accommodate user’s needs: creation of view modes and view gallery,
definable and unlimited number of output reports, automatic generation
of printout reports according to defined view modes, user preferences, and
a sophisticated system of access rights. The product features fast and easy
adaptability to legislative changes, development, and client’s needs.
- Foreign language reports: English, Germen, Russian, Italian, and Slovak
- Foreign language versions: menu switchable to English, German,
and Slovak versions
- Legislation readiness - Slovakia
- Perfect linkage between all modules integrated into one compact structure,
mutual check between agendas, special linkage between related documents
- Up-to-date user environment concept and ergonomy
- Compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
- Advantageous price compared to those of competitors‘ in the same category
of software; the best price-performance ratio
- Non-conventional process procedures - ergonomic and graphic excellence
- Above-standard features and a wide variety of expansion modules - products
- Exports to external formats: *.doc, *.pdf, *.html, *. jpg, and *. xml
- Open solutions - two-way homebanking (all banks in the Czech Republic,
factoring, EDI format)
- Inbuilt database - no need to buy a database machine
- Reliable performance in network configuration, easy to interconnect
with remote branch offices, terminal server
PREMIER system® offers at a reasonable cost a range of products and specialised
solutions identical to those provided by cost-intensive robust systems. By selection
of needed modules only, a sound investment can be made without the necessity of
heavy costs. It offers a possibility of gradual enlargement by adding modules and
increasing the number of users in network configuration.
With its products, extension modules, and specialized solutions PREMIER system®
will meet requirements of a national or foreign company operating in almost any
branch of business. The program with its capabilities finds its place in all company
processes, both internal and external. On top of typical agendas such as accounting,
Client portfolio according to the size of
sales, purchasing and inventory, PREMIER system® offers also CRM, EPM,
above-standard economic assessment using financial analyses,
and all technological features in line with latest standards.
PREMIER system® brings high quality and reliability in economic and logistics
30 % - entrepreneurs, sole traders,
management, creates stable and transparent environment for the user, and provides
sole practitioners - accountants
timely information that is necessary for making important decisions for successful
50 % - network installation
growth of business. Professional services in combination with the high-quality
(3 - 15 workstations)
product give clients a sufficient guarantee of development and security
20 % - network installation
for the future.
(16 - 50 workstations)
Accounting (Economy) | Partners, CRM | Billing - Customers/Suppliers | Payroll
- for small/large organizations | Stock - Wholesale/Retail | Asset Management,
Leasing | Contracts and Production | Transport | Tax Records Management
Slovak version - localized legislation | Non-profit and State Budget
Organizations | Controlling | Tax Office | Financial Analysis | Homebanking
(two-way) | Factoring | Multiple language versions | EDI - Inhouse | Breakdown
of overhead charges
- Complete graphic and data exports. Graphic: MS Word, Acrobat Reader
(*.pdf), *.html, *.jpg. Data: MS Excel, XML, EDI.
- User-defined print report - unlimited possibilities to modify print reports.
A report modification tool that is understandable for the common user.
A unique system to download reports from the gallery of predefined print
reports over the Internet. The user then can choose from several report
form versions.
- View manager - custom-defined views with selection of data and order
and width of columns.
- Working with more than one window at a time - a possibility to open
several databases without the necessity to close the unfinished document.
- Print - a possibility to predefine a printer for each print report and thus for
example print a sales slip and invoice each at a different printer. The print
wizard ensures a number of print parameters for selected forms such as
print for selected partner.
- Imports - a possibility to import data from a range of formats such as
MS Excel, EDI, XML, etc. or of made-to-order import bridges
- Multiple enhanced full-text searches - all lists can be full-text searched,
that is, using keywords or the inner parts of words only.
- Intranet - intracompany communication, internal memos, task
All documents are linked using a unique cross-reference
mechanism enabling fast interactive transactions between
linked documents. Links are generated automatically upon
creation of documents, or external links can be created
manually to files in any format (contracts, projects, and
contacts form a compact and interactive information centre
for every customer and powerful Workflow and CRM tools).
PREMIER system® displays all reports on so-called
unigrid basis that offers a number of variants for data
classification and filtration, viewing modes, custom-
-defined intermediate representation and generation of
graphs. This powerful and universal tool offers unlimited
possibilities in generating reports and adapting to any
- Sophisticated system of access
rights for individual agendas
- Limiting preferences - special advanced limitation of
user access
- Tracking of document changes and modifications,
incl. time and user identification
- Detection of suspicious events (price modification,
deleted B/D, etc.)
- Detail overview and statistics of each user‘s
activities throughout the system
The unbeatable method to update the information
system ensures fast and easy availability of all updates.
“PREMIER update” offers a possibility to download only
desired module (modules) without requiring the client to
download updates of those modules that the client does
not use. Thereby legislation and software modifications
are operatively downloaded taking away the necessity to
wait for the installation CD.
The print report wizard offers unlimited possibilities to
modify print reports. Besides one’s own and easy creation
of forms, it is possible to download forms from so called
View Gallery on the Internet. All reports can be exported
to MS Excel and other formats: graphic file formats
- Acrobat Reader (*.pdf), *.html, *.jpg, data file formats
- MS Excel, XML, EDI.
A well-developed economic module is the cornerstone of every information system.
The high quality of PREMIER system® accounting is manifested primarily in the
high interest and satisfaction on the part of many businesses operating in the field
of accounting and tax consultancy. The cooperation with these customers also
guarantees high quality and timely legislation updates of the product. Close linkage
between accounting and other agendas allows effective billing and real-time access
to accounting documents, including long-time ones.
- Account assignment with the maximum number of predefined
- Keyboard and mouse control; omnipresent fulltext search
- Special intelligent search (automatic account assignment suggestion)
- Maximum linkage between documents through a unique system of
- Automatic on/off-line posting from other modules
- Possibility of retroactive changes incl. the report and history run
Businesses and sole traders; non-profit and state budget organizations
Localised legislation, incl. Slovak legislation
Automatic update over the Internet through “PREMIER update”
Prompt availability of legislative and technical changes
Close cooperation with tax advisors and auditors in analyzing legislation
Guarantee and prompt implementation of legislation in new releases
- Multiple accounting period access
- Fiscal/business year
- Cost centres, contracts, supplementary analyses
(extra 3 levels)
- Break down income and expenditure by cost centre,
contract, etc.
- Direct/indirect cash-flow
- Automatic proposing reciprocal inclusions, complete
output support
- Complete national accounting statement support
- Balance sheet, possibility of presenting full/shortened
financial statements
- Automatic inclusions with print reports
- Cyclic payments, tax calendar
- Planning, comparison of actual and planned
- Unlimited number of accounting units
- All-round support of foreign currencies
- Automatic accounting of exchange differences
- Complete multiple language versions
- Foreign language accounting/financial statements:
German, English, Russian, Italian, Slovak
- Petty cash management in foreign currencies
- Complete support of management of contracts,
centres, and supplementary analyses
- German, English, Russian (Cyrillic alphabet
supported), Italian, Slovak versions incl. print
reports in foreign currencies. Comfortable
printing with breaking down balance sheet
lines to individual analytical accounts and
comparison with previous period, possibility
of real-time compilation at any time.
TAX OFFICE - a complex tool for generation
of all types of tax return statements and
financial statements connected with
economic activities of a legal entity. Financial
statements and tax return forms are filled
in automatically by downloading data from
the system; they can be printed out to file
with an appropriate authority or newly sent
in electronically in the form of an *.xml file.
Along with the program the accountant has
another tool on hand to use in the course
of his/her work without the necessity to buy
an extra specialised product. A part of this
extension is also above-standard statistical
compilations, Intrastat reports, and an
innovation - excise tax return.
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS is a powerful tool for evaluating business or portfolio
performances and is intended for managers, investors, creditors, and every
one who needs access to information in order to make correct business
decisions. The Financial Analysis serves primarily to evaluate financial health
of your business, identify weaknesses in the business management, compare
actual ratios and recommended theoretic values, assess the solvency of the
company, and generate data to be used as a basis for getting loans. All data
are automatically taken from PREMIER system®.
CONTROLLING - a package of managerial surveys to monitor and analyse: business
management, customer relationships, individual account structure, cost accounting,
and future development of the business’s financial situation. Unique is e.g.
compilation of Direct Cash Flow. The territorial survey of company turnovers allows
analysing financial standing of respective regions. All these compilations can be
filtered as per periods, accounts contracts, cost centres, document series, business
partners, and other criteria. It presents an indispensable part particularly for those
businesses that monitor and analyse in detail centre/contract management or
otherwise monitor cost accounting.
HOMEBANKING - an up-to-date tool to automatically liquidate bank statements
and electronically generate payment orders with support for formats of every bank
institute in the Czech Republic! Now foreign banks also are included! This tool
enables automatic downloading bank statement data from homebanking to the
accounting module; incl. the possibility of automatic matching invoice payments,
and through a special functionality liquidates individual payments (bank transfers,
fees, withdrawals, wages, etc.) to already assigned account. Creation of file of
payment orders to be imported into electronic homebanking is a commonplace.
It is imperative for a successful business management to keep good track of customers
with keeping under control all information about them and having the data available
fast and in real time. PREMIER system® offers a sophisticated client database with
a unique interactive view (bookmarks) from a single point to all documents in other
modules and a possibility of navigation to these documents (and vice versa).
- Partner address book - a larger number of
parameters (max. credit, maturity, cost centre,
delivery terms, place of delivery, etc.)
- Mail - file of incoming and outcoming mail
- Trade Register - automatic link to the Trade
Register, correction of data, identification of
a firm in bankruptcy
- Batch printing of envelopes and labels
- Categorization and classification of partners into
groups - identifiers
- Mapping the market as per business partner
postal codes
The CRM module provides a permanent overview of
communication with customers, monitors and auto-
matically calls attention to planned and completed
tasks in relation to customers at user-defined times.
Equipped with the possibility of creation of external
links to files (contracts, projects, etc.) in any formats
creates compact and interactive information centres
for individual customers.
- Record and analysis of partner
- High volume batch correspondence
- Birthdays, public holidays
- Task calendar: daily, weekly, monthly
- Planning and evaluation of marketing
- Automatic reminder of appointment/
- Activity tracking and managing orga-
nizational workload of employees
- Complex overviews with filters in
“Bookmarks” - Interactive view of partner
every module
- Provides an overview of salesmen/
commercial representatives
Unique on-line outcoming/incoming invoice
journal posting
User-defined automatic account assignment,
creation of text headings
Unlimited number of document series for
invoices with predefined parameters
Filtering as per all possible parameters and
criteria - continually for any period
Foreign currencies - a possibility to generate
invoices in foreign currencies in accordance
with the exchange list from the Internet
Allows automatic repricing invoices in
Planning and task overview for CRM and billing
foreign currencies at the end of year
Tracking debts (a possibility to track the
state retrospectively)
Classification as per partners, document
series, delay, cost centres, and contracts
Automatic planner of reminders and penalty
Batch generation of invoices using
predefined templates (rentals, leasing)
Watching business partner maximum credits
Automatic generation of payment order
proposal (homebanking)
Optional electronic communication with the
bank (24 bank formats for homebanking)
Complete multiple language versions
(English, German, Russian, and others)
Smart solution of advance payments
(assignment of the tax document to
the payment incl. VAT)
- Automatic assignment of paid advances to final invoices and - as one of
a few - automatic assignment of advances with already issued tax documents
to payments (i.e. basis incl. VAT)
- Automatic generation of credit notes and invoices based on issue tickets/
- Incoming/outcoming invoice templates - predefined invoice templates for
batch invoicing and other automatic billing (leasing, rental, etc.)
- Complex support of foreign currencies, batch re-evaluating of receivables and
payables at December 31 and automatic adjustment of costs and revenues
- Automatic generation of reminders and penalty invoices incl. calculating
penalty amounts according to partial payments
- Orders for costs and payment orders abroad, printing orders for costs with
partner identification
- Incoming invoice audit - a possibility to generate a certain invoice amount to
be withheld
- Four different modifiable modules to track receivables and payables within an
arbitrary period
- Tracking receivables and payables as per proportional amounts assigned to
- A possibility to define a time interval of days in delay to track receivables
- Complete partner information and tracking the turnover per individual
- Partner flow - a summary/itemized view of all documents tied to the partner
that are systematically grouped according to their types (customer’s ledger,
cash flow, revenues, etc.)
PREMIER system® offers a precisely elaborated inventory management system which
provides a complete solution for all areas connected with inventory management:
Inventory records - inventory cards for material, goods, services; Purchasing -
inquiries, PO issued, supplies, receipts; Wholesale/Retail - petty cash, barcodes,
offline-readers (terminals), e-shops; Ordering supplies/services, customers - supp-
liers - reservations; Stock - material issues for customer orders andmade-to-stock
production, products, assembly, special solutions; Tracking inventory - complex
overviews, marketing analyses, consumer baskets, evaluations, analyses.
- Unlimited number of stocks, automatic transfers
- FIFO/AVG pricing, A/B billing
- Complex foreign currency support
- Assortments of goods are organised in a tree without limited number of levels
- Identifiers - unlimited inventory card classification and categorization
- Up to 150 types of inventory card data
- Various units of measure
- Stocktaking - using an off-line reader
The high comfort of work is given in the first place by one-time document entry
in all agendas which is then automatically carried over to other modules with
continuously provided overview of its state of processing or reservation, such as
Offer - Purchase Order - Bill of Delivery - Invoice or contrariwise in the process of
- Ordering stock customers - suppliers
- Tracking partial executions of purchase orders as per settlement dates
- Reservations with various modes
- Overview of prospective performances of purchase orders
- Automatic issue of a bill of delivery, invoice or receipt based on the purchase
- Track deliveries
- Automatic generation of orders according to the stock level (minimum/maximum
stock) with consideration of a large number of criteria
- Order tracking
- Generation of orders according to stock turnover ratio
- Foreign currency support
- Stock level optimization
- Centre/contract purchasing management
- Supplier pricelists - cross-reference
- Multiple criteria breakdown of secondary costs
- Transparent account structures, account tracking,
acquisition of supplies
- Recycling charge, supplier assessment, EKO-KOM
PRICES - An extremely comfortable system of
customer pricelists with almost unlimited range of
criteria for generation of selling price and discount
assignment (such as quantity, turnover, B/D value)
for individual customers with a possibility of setting
the their validity.
- Automatic generation of invoice and receipt from B/D or issue
- Batch B/D invoicing - watching uninvoiced deliveries
- Batch processing of orders
- Cash systems, fiscal modules, weights
- Bar code readers, off-line readers (terminals)
- Bank cards, cash on delivery, postal orders (form supported)
- Foreign currency invoicing support
- Customer pricelists - unlimited number of selling prices/levels
- Various discount conditions (bulk discount, early payment
discount, etc.); promotional campaign prices
Seznam skladových karet
- Foreign currency support for all selling price variants
- Pricelist generation and printing; import of the customer/supplier pricelist from
MS Excel
- One-time assignment of a pricelist to a business partner
- Possibility of retroactive changes of selling price - check calculation with
consideration of FIFO and AVG
ANALYSES - as a result of well-developed reports, the system offers almost 20
types of overviews per all possible parameters such as sales and turnover per
products or product groups, trends, seasonal swings, price differences. Data can
be retrieved from any arbitrary period by specifying conditions.
- Complex evaluation and a possibility of calculation of margin-based
- Sales - sales analysis, comparison of purchase and selling prices, development
of demand, sales, rebates, survey of prospective performances of purchase
orders, stock turnover ratio
- Marketing and statistical surveys - above-standard surveys including
information and percentages of bestselling items, their aggregate contribution
to the total sales, assessment of the most frequent customers and selling items
- Consumer basket - tracking so-called consumer basket, number of sales,
revenue per sales, assortment percentages, and other criteria
- Purchasing - detailed purchasing analysis, overview of stock level depending
on minimum and maximum stock levels with respect to received and issued
orders, tracking supplier purchase price development
- For every survey, tables of filters and modifications for individual
types of reports can be predefined
As one of a few, PREMIER system® offers a complex inventory
management system enabling entering units of measure (3D, 2D),
stock records and tracking as per dimensions including conversion
to unit areas, unit volumes, and unit weights using coefficients.
- Forced classification - serial numbers, dimensions, size, colour,
batch, pallets, and other four optional criteria
- Cross-reference - supplier data on inventory cards, predefined
purchase price for the selected supplier, catalogue numbers
Částečná realizace objednávky
- EDI-format - generation of PO or receipt; export of issue ticket to this
universal format
- Excise tax, recycling fee, EKO-KOM
- Transfer zones - tracking of goods in transit during transfers
- Automatic delivering from warehouse of fixed packaging
- E-shop - synchronisation of pricelists on the web
The Stock Auditor module allows complex identification of logic errors in pricing,
transfers between stocks, and classification and contributes to continuity in
posting of stock movements in books with a possibility of automatic settlement.
Watching negative balance (with a possibility to permit negative stock issues) as
well as off-line stock movement journal posting, checking for differences between
B/D and invoice prices, and watching consistency between balances/movements
and GL balances.
Not only is important to win a contract in the highly competitive environment of
construction companies, but it is absolutely essential to keep its progress under
control from winning the contract to its execution and successful evaluation,
analysis, and comparison between ideal and actual values. Of course the meaning
of contract is rather wider and finds its use in almost every branch of industry
(fairs, training, production of machines, IT services, advertising, and other services
and production). PREMIER system® offers an effective tool to get these processes
under control. The “Contracts” module in combination with other indispensable
program modules forms a complex and professional support of successful contract
management. Its qualities include detail tracking and evaluation of the progress
of contract in real time and comparison between ideal and actual costs. It checks
invoicing against the contract price and proposes next invoice amount according to
the finance plan.
- Maximum data on the contract card (up to 150), unlimited text, project-like manage-
ment of the contract
- Document series - a possibility to subdivide a document series, e.g. per contract type
- Interactive links to all documents associated with the contract that belong to other
- Contract flow - a complex view of the contact and all related cases and documents
- Contract processes - planning of tasks, trade dealings, and marketing procedures
- Tracking the state of invoice against the contract price and proposing next invoice
- Documentation - a possibility of linkage to contract documents (external) in any
format to establish a central contract file
- Compatible with MS OFFICE - Excel, Word, etc.
- Contract costs are carried over from all modules stocks, payroll,
assets, billing, accounting
- Stocks - material issue and entry for a contract, multiple
contract issue (one item per contract)
- Payroll - a possibility of breaking down wages per contract to
very hours per employees, indirect costs (social and health
insurance) are automatically broken down according
to the number of hours worked
- Special solution for design studios
- Billing - possibility of multiple contract document, proportional
tracking receivables per contracts
- Document series - a possibility to divide document series,
e.g. per contract type, various type of numbering
- Automatic posting work in progress
PREMIER system® has for you a specialised module
for automatic breakdown of indirect costs to
individual contracts using multiple criteria. With ease
and having on hand a number of parameters you can
choose from the three types of calculation:
proportional, using a coefficient or user-defined
algorithm). With this module, the user has on hand
a tool for correct assessment of contracts including
indirect costs (overheads).
- Made-to-order filters available in all reports
of the program
- Made-to-order trending for costs and revenues
per month, comparison of ideal and actual
- Contract cashflow forecast
A complete set of documents
- Tracking the state of invoice, proposing next
associated with a contract
invoice amount according to the contract price
- Functional speciality of Contract Flow
- Marking out accounts to indicate the duty of
entering the respective contracts
- Made-to-order filtering for all surveys and
- Stock reports, billing sheets, financial statements,
and controlling and managerial reports
- Comparison between planned transactions and
actual costs and revenues
- Complex contract analysis incl. respective types
of costs: material, wages, subcontracts, services,
Complex contract table
An integral part of PREMIER system® is the Payroll and Human Resources module
designed for unlimited number of employees which among others has found its
use in companies with over 1000 employees. The complex solution of Human
Resources and processing and review of wages brings an array of above-standard
functionalities and options:
Electronic communication with the social security authorities
Support for all kinds of forms with a possibility of user-made modifications -
employment register, working agreement, pensions security (insurance) file,
and Health Insurance and Social Insurance Summary Reports, application forms
and notices of cancellation and an array of others
Training records including generation of next training dates depending on
Time sheets - user-defined wage cost items with detailed breakdown to
contracts, centres, and further supplementary analyses
Contracts, Centres, supplementary analyses - detailed tracking wages with
a possibility of automatic insurance breakdown (indirect wage costs) to
contracts in accounting
Statistical compilations - over 30 classification types
All types of assessment and analysis - recapitulation of wages, taxes,
deductions, and contract costs; general overvies and surveys, centres, history
Attendance system support and its link to wages
Locking periods, export of batch orders to the module of Payment Orders,
Homebanking, off-line journal posting, support for user-defined forms
Off-line journal posting
- Complex records of tangible and intangible assets
including tax and book depreciations
- Records of low-value long-term assets
- Asset categorization as per location, owner,
category, centre, SKP, EAN, contract, outbuildings,
and asset maintenance and supplementary records
- Tax and book depreciations with a possibility
of defining all kinds of depreciation changes;
copying tax depreciations to book depreciations,
depreciation groups in accordance with the current
- Movements - offers all types of assets-related
changes such as termination, increase of price, card
split, etc.
- Direct link to accounting, unlimited classification and
filtering for asset analytical and print reports
- Supplementary agendas - Records of Reserves,
Financial Assets
- Journey Log - complex solution, dispatch orders
- Transport - office software designed for control of
company’s internal and external transport
- Off-line journal posting
Premier system professionals with required expertise and skills are ready to
The Company offers services in
provide you with competent assistance and maximum support from the very
PREMIER system® outsourcing.
beginning of selecting your information system. The maximum capabilities
Customers are long-distance
and functionalities of our products in relation to your branch of business and
connected to a secured and high-
requirements will be presented free of charge by a Premier system expert
-performance server connected to
anywhere in the Czech Republic. We will make recommendations for the most
the Gigabit Ethernet Backbone (1000
effective solution regarding the extent of module use and configuration and the
Mb/s) and through their passwords
technical solution of hardware. Those who are seriously interested in buying the
they can enter their own PREMIER
product can without any commitment take advantage of trial operation using
system® databases. This up-to-date
the live version.
system brings the clients a number of
- Practically no initial investment in
hardware; regular monthly costs
Our products come with a complex range of services.
- Geographical independence and
Their quality and availability are one of the Company’s
a possibility of access through
priorities that lead to full customer satisfaction. Having
practically any PC workstation
made the decision to buy the product, the client
connected to Internet that brings
has on hand a wide range of services: - Installation,
advantages especially for those
implementation, data migration.
who need to travel a lot
- A possibility of more branch offices
running one database at the same
- Always ahead without the necessity
of buying software upgrades
- Continuous special training courses for individuals or
(operating system)
groups at Premier system’s training facilities
- High safety factor against abuse
- Premier system’s professional magazine - innovations, current
including virus attacks
legislation changes, and other guidance
- No administrative burden - no IT
- Hot-line - Premier system’s professionals are ready to be
expert required
of assistance to clients in answering their questions and
- Methodology, analysis, and design
operatively solve their problems
of company internal processes
- E-mail consulting - Premier system runs a central internet-based
- Complex user training at the
register of findings and suggestions for improvement accessible
to every client directly from its PREMIER system® program. The
clients are directly and promptly informed of solutions
- Automatic program update - on-line update of the program
- Web-based central registration of requests for training and
service intervention - possible to order via Internet; a prompt
response is the Company’s priority
- Remote administration - a possibility of administering the
system remotely, i.e. by direct intervention of a PREMIER system
expert into the program without the necessity of personal visit
The investment in product is undoubtedly more favourable compared with
PREMIER system, a.s., is a significant
competitors’ software of equal class. With its cost-effectiveness ratio ranks
producer and supplier of the economic
among the top software of its kind in the Czech Republic as it offers one
software system (ERP) of the same name
of widest ranges of functionalities and contents. The price derives from the
and extension modules and specialized
customer’s needs and size and reflects the extent of installation regarding
solutions for business management. Since
both the content of modules and hardware. In general:
its foundation in 1998, over the short period
Small businesses (individual users)
approx. CZK 6-20 th
of time the Company has managed to
Medium sized companies (network of 2-5-8 users)
prevail on the market as one of the leading
approx. CZK 20-60-100
producers in economic information systems.
Medium sized companies (network of 10-15-20 users)
With its current portfolio of over 1,600
approx. CZK 100-150-250)
clients and the turnover of almost CZK 25
mil. (software sales only) the Company
ranks among the top producers in economic
software for small and medium sized
businesses. The Company’s professional
capacities and stable financial standing give
its clients a sufficient guarantee of quality
and development of products and services
for the future. The Company is a holder of
ISO 9001 certificate in design, development,
and implementation of IT systems.
PREMIER system‘s distinguished success
is rooted in bringing a high quality
product markedly different from those of
competitiors‘, high professionalism and
expertise of PREMIER system employees
equipped with i.a. practical knowledge
and skills in business economics and
using up-to-date technologies, and in SW
compatibility. The continuous development is
commonplace and that is a sound guarantee
of future of our products.
Prague, Klatovy, Plzeň, Pardubice, Brno, Břeclav, Přerov, Toužim,
Prachatice, Jablonec nad Nisou, Olomouc, and Opava
Head office in Prague:
Branch office in Ostrava:
PREMIER system, a.s.
PREMIER system, a.s.
Saturnova 1/1197,
Starobělská 1063/13,
104 00 Praha-Uhříněves
700 30 Ostrava-Zábřeh
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 251 614 747
Phone: +420 596 322 901
Fax: +420 245 005 578
Fax: +420 553 653 420
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